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She could just as easily pull off a tasteful leotard, in my opinion. If anything, the proportions are off, but the outfits are more than appropriate for someone in her profession. Female escorts in northern nj. Samus butt naked. Many of Nintendo's questionable design choices for Samus perhaps reflect strong cultural differences between Japan and the West. You didn't get the memo?

Fact is, men think about sex more, but women are just as sexual if not more so than their male counterparts. This is what actually annoys me about this issue: When Metroid was first released inthe standard for female video game characters was mostly restricted to damsels in distress. That justifies complete hypocricy? Trikeboy there are a few main things that are just so radically out of character for her.

It has gone a bit far and unfortunately Other M really messed up with its combination of implants and subjugation. Power Armor for her missions, a Zero Suit that she wears under the power armor that serves as a backup, and casual clothes when she's not on a mission. Through This Weekend Only! It's just like in real life, some males and females prefer to be sexualized, some prefer to be modest.

It seems as time goes by, people get easily offended. These people complaining about the "oversexualisation of Samus" are still going to buy the game. Candace cameron bure nude photos. Strange thing, even without breast jobs some women naturally have much larger breasts than that. More Little Treats Part 1 By: But we don't stop to think about cultural differences in Japan. Like-Like like Samus By: Samus Aran digests Chun Li By: Samus has always been in spandex since the original, it makes sense for her to wear it since it's under the armor and it's flexible so she can move around easily inside the armor.

The majority of women do not care one iota about how women are portrayed in video games. On the left, you see Samus from Super Metroid. I will say this just because I'm bored. They come from her games; they're not some shocking new sexualized twist being added to her character just for Smash. Just think of all the custom costumes when we're finally able to hack Smash, just like people made for Brawl. That's correct, female and not male. Pikachu's Smashing Meal By:

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What I was referring to were the insults several people have been sending each other. There's games that over-sexualize women wayyy worse than this!!! Why even bother posting comments if that's the way you feel?

Don't you dare correct me. Big naked breast videos. Hmm maybe but she was especially in brawl,but who cares? SybbieMar 22, From seeing a glimpse of the real woman at the end of a game, to being a costume choice, Samus has lost some reserve, which makes a protagonist more interesting, and regarding real life, a person more enticing. She is supposed to be athletic and these clothes just go along with that.

This is conjecture and I don't have a specific study to link to, but seeing as there's just a tiny group of people online complaining about this serves as my baseline for that argument. If we dismissed every single discussion because someone who had an opinion did something wrong we might as well never discuss anything at all. That's something very unique among heroines.

Like its predecessor, Metroid II features a female antagonist: BlatantlyHeroic perhaps I misread your post but it seemed like you were saying not to discuss this. I'm pretty sure this is gonna be a T rated game, like Brawl was. Metroid is my favorite series ever, but the sexual element has always bothered me.

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If that's a reward please put the helmet back on or let a Metroid suck your head off. Oh yeah as I have heard before from some lovely people before posting here making a male character out of solid muscle or in general hot is not the same thing because they take three paragraphs to say "CAUSE it different that why1". Janet jackson naked porn. I think the bigger issue or at least the one I'm more concerned aboutis that the sexualisation of this particular character, by this "family friendly" company, may be a bit harmful to some young male gamers.

It's important to have these discussions because they depict current society. Samus butt naked. Is anyone seriously offended by this?! Any bit of skin shown below the neck and people lose their poopoodoodoocacapoopledoople. Samus is a character that proves contrary to this belief and people need to calm down every time they see her in short shorts or a bikini. TwilightV Heck I didn't even notice the hips in her trailer until someone pointed it out When she wasn't portrayed as a stoic neo feminist amazon that "don't need no man" people got upset.

The fact that having a debate over the sexualization of Samus has made me think of this site in a bad manner. It's so toned, round, tight, firm, and juicy looking, oh my god! But let's not make an issue out of a fictional character looking attractive while performing martial arts and kicking ass.

If you want to talk about a "Big Six", however, I'm fine with Metroid being included. LivvyJul 9, Samus Struggle Lighting Test By:


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